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Create your own Apps

oli.lu allows all users to create and publish their own eLearning apps. We provide the framework, you create the content.
It's really easy, each app is simply a small website!

How do I become an app developer?

Just join our community or login if you're already a member. Each site member can be a developer and publish apps - students, teachers, parents - everyone!

Go to your "Account" screen and enable the developer tools (simply check the box that says "yes, I'd like to become a developer") and press the save button.

A new "Develop" element appears in the menu on the left, right below "Account". Click onto it to open the developer screen. You'll see that you've now got a devoper ID. Enter your desired developer name and you're ready to publish your apps!

How much is it?

It's FREE! You don't have to pay anything to become a developer or to publish your apps.

How can I create eLearning apps?

Our eLearning apps are simply small websites.

Creating an app means that you'll have to create a small website and to add it on your developer screen.

You can use your preferred web development tools to create your site. Or code manually. Or create a dynamic app using PHP, Perl, Python or any other scripting language. Add Javascript or Ajax if you want.

Try to avoid Flash, Silverlight, Java or other technologies that require plug-ins. Although it's not forbidden to use these.

Use HTML5 and CSS3 and we'll kiss your feet.

Can I reuse my apps anywhere else?

Apps on oli.lu are simply small websites, which means that you can easily reuse them anywhere. Your app is yours, and it always will be.

What's next?

Move on to the next page and learn how to design and create your app.


Vos propres applications web

Créez et publiez vos propres applications web sur oli.lu. Pas de codage requis. Et c'est GRATUIT.
Les geeks peuvent également développer des applications en utilisant HTML5, CSS et Javascript.
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