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Basic settings

As an administrator of a virtual school, you can make the basic settings for your school:
Go to your virtual class and then click on the "School" web app (third web app in the third row).
Select your school in the yellow box "Administration" on the left.
Here you can see the current basic settings of your school.
Click on the "Edit" button to change the basic settings, here you should note the following:
Make sure the name of your school is correct, as it will also appear in all of your virtual classes.
Under "Website" you can enter one or more websites of your school, which are then displayed as links in all virtual classes. So all teachers and pupils have immediate access to the school website.
You should definitely enter valid email addresses under "Contact" and "Emergency" so that the support can always reach and identify the school administration, even if for some reason you cannot log in. Ideally, this is an official school email address and not the same email address you used to register as a user.
The yellow box "Administration" on the right allows you to make further settings.
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