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Create a new Virtual School

This page describes the steps required to create and setup a virtual school on the Morzino platform.
You will first have to create at least one virtual classroom before you can create a virtual school.
Do the following:
  • Create a virtual classroom.
  • Click on the "School" web app icon (third icon in the third row) in your virtual classroom.
  • Click on "create new school".
Make sure that none of your colleagues or co-teachers has created a virtual school already – maybe it will be a good idea to discuss this with your colleagues before setting up your school on Morzino.
After creating your school it will be a good idea to provide some basic information.
Make sure to provide an emergency e-mail address that we can always use to contact you in case of problems. We recommend using an official e-mail address of your school.
You may also add further teachers who may administrate your school.
School administrators will have access to all of your virtual classrooms, so please make sure only to allow authorized personnel to become school admins.