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Add Virtual Classrooms

Each virtual school may include multiple virtual classrooms.
The easiest way is to create a virtual classroom using the school administration tools, in this case the classroom will automatically become part of this virtual school.
You may also add existing virtual classrooms to your virtual school. Do the following in order to do so:
  • Open your virtual school administration.
  • Click on the "Classrooms" tab, then search for your virtual classroom using the green "Add" box.
You cannot search for a virtual classroom by name here, you will have to search for the virtual classroom's owner (username or realname, usually the name of the teacher who created the classroom).
  • Click on the owner as soon as you have found him or her, then you'll get a list of the virtual classrooms belonging to this user.
  • Click on the virtual classroom you'd like to add.
The virtual classroom won't be instantly added to your virtual school, as the virtual classroom's owner will first have to confirm the connection (the connection status should be "pending" now).
Tell the virtual classroom's owner to open his or her virtual classroom, where he or she will then be asked to confirm the connection.
As soon as the owner will have confirmed the connection, the virtual classroom will now be part of your virtual school.