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Students & Teachers

In order for the virtual class to be used optimally, all teachers and students in the class must be registered.
You can always find the currently available teachers and students under "Class Book"> "Class".
As a teacher, you are responsible for updating the list of your students and teachers.
If students should not have access to the class during the holidays, then you have to manually "switch off" the students of your class during this phase.

add student

Under "Class Book"> "Class" simply select "Add / edit students".
Here you can either search for existing students on the platform or you can create new user accounts for your students.
If your students already have user accounts on, then you should avoid creating new accounts.
If your virtual class is part of a virtual school, then a school administrator can easily transfer the students from one class to the next, or register students in several classes.

What to do if students are to be removed?

Under "Class Book"> "Class" simply select "Add / edit students".
Delete the relevant students from the class with "remove".

add teachers

Several teachers can work in one virtual class.
If a teacher is missing from your class, you can add it manually:
Under "Class Book"> "Class" simply select "Add / edit teacher".
If your virtual class is part of a virtual school, you will often find the teacher directly in the list on the right, and you can add them with one click.
If the teacher is not on the list, you can simply search for them by name or username and then add them.

remove teachers

You should remove all teachers from your class who are not actually active in the class.
Under "Class Book"> "Class" simply select "Add / edit teacher".
Simply delete the relevant teachers.
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