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usernames and passwords

If you register on, you have to choose a username and password.
You can't change your username later, so choose it wisely.
Parents should not choose their child's name as their username.
Parents should always create their own user account, and then create a user account for their child using the family function if necessary.
You can always change your password.
Choose a password that is difficult to guess and do not write it down either - try to memorize your password or use a password manager.

Notes on passwords

Both teachers and students should know their password by heart and should not write it down inside the school.
You may never share your password with anyone else. Students can share their password with their parents, but they should never share passwords with joy or other family members.
Instead of passing on a password to parents, students should be connected to their parents via the family function.Parents and students have separate user names and passwords in this case.
If a web browser at school asks if you want to save your password, then you should definitely answer with NO.
For students: If other students should know your password or if your password is saved on a computer / web browser, please IMMEDIATELY notify your teacher or an administrator of your school, so that the problem can be solved. In addition, your password should be changed immediately in this case.
For teachers: Never leave your computer unattended when you are logged in. If you want to stay logged in during the whole school time, please use a screensaver with password protection.
If you suspect that someone may have stolen your password, you should check your last logins on Go to your user menu in the top right and click on "User account", and then on the right on the "Logins" function. Just to be sure, you should still change your password and log out on all devices (you can log out other devices e.g. under "User Account"> "Privacy Assistant").

Always log out!

For pupils: When you leave your workplace on the computer, you should always log out, even if you e.g. just have to go to the toilet quickly. While you are away, other students can edit your texts, change your profile, or post messages on your behalf.
For teachers: It is practical to always stay logged in on the computer at the desk, so you should always use a screensaver with password protection. Students should generally not work on the teacher's computer, or at least use another account on the computer.
Useful note for teachers: You can "authorize" computers in your school to access your virtual class, then students can work on the student computers on without having to log in again and again. In addition, the children will not be able to access their profiles and communication tools.

Your profile on

On you can not only change your name, you can also upload a profile photo and voluntarily provide information about yourself. All this can be set via your profile, which you can find in the user menu at the top right under "Profile".
Always disclose a minimum of information about yourself, and never publish personal information that no one should know. Under no circumstances should you publish data such as telephone numbers or addresses. Remember that other users and visitors to the platform can see this information in part.
As a student, you and your parents and / or teachers should decide what information you could possibly publish. Teachers should know what they want to reveal about themselves.

social network is a social network, i.e. Teachers and students can become friends, send messages to each other and publish content.
The social functions and communication tools can be switched off for each student if necessary.
If parents are connected to their children via the family function, then switch off their children's individual communication functions (microblog, friendships, chat, messages, homepage).
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