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Each user on has his or her own homepage that will be visible to all visitors.
Your homepage will display your (optional) profile picture and profile information (as provided on the "Profile" screen), and you may also choose or upload a custom homepage header image.
The main page of your own homepage will display some basic profile information as well as your microblog, which means that visitors will see what content you have posted
Detailed profile information will be available on your "Profile" page.
The "Wiki" page is a fully editable area where you may add pages and paragraphs. Here you may add further customizable content, and you may also publish photos and documents for example.
The "Docs" page will display documents that you can add in your own Media Manager. You may use this page to publish documents that you would like to share with registered users or with public visitors.
The "Library" page will display libraries that you made public. As a user, you may manage your own libraries which may contain books, movies, records, or anything else.
Finally, there's a "Contact" page that users may use to get in touch with you (using our internal mailing system), and the contact information you provided on your "Profile" page may also be published here.
Note that you may also disable your entire homepage using the communication settings on your account screen if you don't want people to see any of the pages mentioned above.
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