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Use the "Account" page to manage your personal account on
You may change your password here, and we recommend using strong passwords consisting of at least 8 characters (letters and numbers).
Note that we will never store your password itself, we only store a strongly encrypted password hash.
You can decide if your microblog will be visible to all site visitors, to registered members only, or to friends only. You may also block your entire microblog here.
Enabling stealth mode will prevent other users to see if you visited their profile.
You may update your e-mail address here, and you may select what kind of information you wish to receive via e-mail.
You may disable specific social networking tools (microblog, friendships, chat, messages, and homepage) using the communication settings.
We strongly recommend enabling all e-mail features, which will greatly improve the way you may interact with the site and with its users.
We strongly recommend to enter a fallback e-mail address and to answer secret questions, which may help us to restore your account if you should ever lose your login credentials.
You may also close your account here.
We recommend using the "Privacy Wizard" to review your security and privacy settings from time to time.
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