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The Media Manager allows to create, upload, edit, manage and delete your personal files on
"Documents" contains your personal files, which means that only you will be able to read or download them.
"Friends" contains files that shall also be accessible to your friends.
"Shared" contains files that shall also be accessible to all registered users of this platform.
"Public" contains files that will not only be accessible to all platform users, but also to all (unregistered) site visitors.
"Pipeline" contains files that you have uploaded using one of the social tools (microblog, blog, ...), but that have not been published yet).
It is strictly prohibited to upload files (texts, images, videos, ...) that are protected by copyright here unless you are the copyright holder of course.
In most cases, you will either use "documents" to store your private files, or "public" to store files that shall be accessible to all visitors.
If there are folders/directories you will be using more often, then you may also add them as favorites using the "favorites" button.
The following directories may be important to you:
"documents/new" contains texts created using the Text Manager (see "Texts").
"public/blog" contains files uploaded in the public blog (see "Blog").
"public/microblog" contains files uploaded in your microblog (see "Dashboard").
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